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Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray
Item: #32850
Price: $8.00
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Average Rating:  (6 Customer Reviews)
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Advantages of YUCK!
- Inexpensive, Non-staining, Odorless
- Tastes Yucky, Easy to apply
- Water Based, NOT Alcohol & Won't Sting Your Pet
- 16oz Spray Bottle

NaturVet's YUCK! is an odorless, water-based, non-sticky and easy to apply spray that will stop animals from chewing or licking on any number of problem areas.

The new water-based and colorless formula stops YUCK from evaporating too quickly and staining.

Spray YUCK! once or twice daily until the offending habits are broken.

Stops Animals From Chewing On: *Bandages *Manes *Tails *Blankets *Hot Spots *Summer Itch *Wounds *Furniture *Sores *Wood *Leads *Leg Wounds

Bitter YUCK! the name says it all!
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Customer Reviews 
  December 29, 2013
By: M. Grossman (Tarzana, CA)
Thank you for telling me about Bitter Yuck on your radio show. My dog had surgery & pulled out the staples, so his Vet put a plastic funnel around his neck which Candy hated! After you recommended Bitter Yuck, I took off the funnel and sprayed it on the staples. I could do that because like you said, itís alcohol free. Candy took one sniff of it and decided to stay away from the stitches, and she healed that way, very happy about not having the funnel on her head!
  November 19, 2012
By: Elizabeth G. (ACWORTH, GA)
I have been a groomer for 13 years and have tried several no-chew products, both for customers and my own animals. This product is fantastic and probably the best I've tried because it's:
-Alcohol free (won't sting hot spots or other wounds)
-Won't stain perfectly groomed fur or the furniture!
-It works!
  July 04, 2012
By: DaBrat (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
This stopped my lab/aussie mix from chewing quickly. It is good to re-spray about every 2 weeks, just to make sure your dog gets the nasty taste each time he tries to chew. Then after about3-4 times I have not sprayed any on my furniture, plants or anything else in months. I can leave the house now for even 4 hours and he chews up nothing! Thanks goodness cause I thought I was going to have to get rid of him.
  June 17, 2012
By: Sandra (Chicago, IL)
I first got this at an upscale pet store here in Chicago. I noticed my 3 year old cat recently started chewing on electrical cords. I unplugged everything and sprayed a whole bunch of this stuff all over the cords, let it dry, then plugged it back in. I haven't seen him even try to sniff the cords, let alone chew them.
  May 25, 2012
By: Anne (Vancouver, CA)
I was having trouble with my cat eating my house plants, so I got some of this to spray on the leaves. It has worked really well, and the cat hasn't chewed on any leaves since I sprayed it on several months ago. I think I will probably have to reapply at some point, but so far so good! I like it because it's just rosemary, which is obviously harmless and won't hurt the plants or the cat, but it really works well, at least for my cat.
  April 30, 2012
By: M. Adams (Marblehead, MA)
I got a brand new puppy that started to chew on EVERYTHING. This stuff does work it doesn't stain anything but the puppy didn't chew on anything anymore.
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