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Paid Personal Consultations With Warren
Phone Consultations
Telephone Consultations with Warren Eckstein regarding pet and animal problems runs 30 to 45 minutes and may be scheduled in two segments:

• Problem & Resolution.

• Follow-up phone call to discuss results.

The consultation fee is $150 payable by check or credit card. You pay long distance calls.

Prior to scheduling any consultation, we ask that a one-page description of the problem be Emailed (use the form below) or faxed to: 928-284-0779.

Warren will use this to evaluate if the pet problem is resolvable by way of a telephone consultation.

If you're considering a telephone consultation with Warren and have any questions, you may call Denise Madden at (928) 284-0072.
In-Home Consultations
In-Home Consultations are possible, on a limited basis, in the Los Angeles/Orange County area of California. These In-Home Consultations may be made available nationwide on a case to case basis.

To discuss logistics, fees and expenses for In-Home Consultations please Email using the form below or call Denise Madden at (928) 284-0072.
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Splurge on Warren Eckstein recommends MONEY magazine

Money magazine

A great way to splurge $10,000 - The Perfect Pooch -

I love my dog. She's now three and a wonderful member of the family. But for the first two years of her life, she was a total pain. She chewed furniture, ate the new upholstery off my couch and nuzzled up to us just enough to make it worthwhile. Now my kids are asking for another pup. I'd be willing except that I'm not up to another two years of torn Teddy bears - and brown grass in all the wrong places.

The good news: For $10,000, I can skip the bad parts. First, I'd spend $1,000 on a bearded collie from a quality breeder, complete with shots and a veterinary checkup.

The rest of the dough buys me a week with pet trainer and psychologist Warren Eckstein. He'd move into my abode and train not just my pup, but my family.

Eckstein prefers to start with dogs at just eight weeks of age, before they've picked up bad habits. Warren Eckstein

"By the time they're 12 weeks, most pups think their name is 'No', because that's the only word they hear."

A week later, Eckstein swears, the pup will know the basic doggie commands - as well as his boundaries: no chewing, no jumping and (most important) no eating my reupholstered couch.

Perhaps his older sister will take a lesson too.

- Jean Sherman Chatzky
Money magazine
Sheila, Staten Island, NY

It's been 12 days since my telephone consultation with Warren and my dog, Norton, has not had one "cujo moment". I am following Warren's instructions to a "t" and everything is wonderful. Please thank Warren for me. Speaking to him was such a wonderful experience for me, and I am truly thankful.
S. Ellis, Los Angeles CA

The consultations I had with Warren have been put to good use with Halle, and they have been working. Warren is "the" one as far as I'm concerned. I've watched some others out there, but Warren takes the cake.
Angelina & Joe Cotter, Hazlet, NJ


You could never be thanked enough!

Thanks to your patience & perseverance during the phone consultation process, all three of our cats sleep on our "dry" bed.
L.A. Times

The Father of Pet Psychology
Money Magazine

10 Places to Put $10,000 -- a week with Warren Eckstein
Woman's Day

His Expert Advice helped more than 40,000 pets lead happier lives
Hollywood Reporter

America's leading pet therapist
People Magazine

The Guru of Pet Exercise, Warren Eckstein, thinks even birds should do it
In Style

Small dogs are the dolls a celebrity never had
Kathie Lee Gifford

Too bad Warren isn't a marriage counselor! If only he could do for husbands what he does for dogs

The Master of Meow, the Wizard of Woof
Jewish Journal

The St. Francis of Assisi, with a mezuzah
Scottsdale Republic

Top dog therapist
Parents Magazine

The Dr. Spock of the Pet World

The most renowned pet therapist in the world
Howard Stern

My favorite subject in his book is about homosexual dogs
Radio & Records

America's favorite pet behaviorist
L.A. TImes

Warren Eckstein thrives on tough questions
Regis Philbin

If your pet wants a friend, introduce it to Warren Eckstein
Pet Press

Warren Eckstein: Accentuating the Positive with lots of Hugs & Kisses
Dog Fancy

The Dr. Phil of Pets
L.A. Times

How to Woo Your Mate's Pet: substitute your jazz CD's for taped Warren Eckstein shows
South Bay Daily Breeze

On Their Wavelength
Dayton Daily

Pet Therapist masters animal magnetism
Scottsdale Tribune

Angst-ridden pets have ally
Boston Magazine

The world's most famous pet psychiatrist
Ever After
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