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About Warren Eckstein

Warren Eckstein is an internationally known pet and animal expert.

Warren developed his unique approach for understanding animal behavior by combining different techniques learned and observed while working in Southeast Asia and Europe.

He has devoted over thirty years to teaching both pets and their people to live happily together through his unique "Hugs and Kisses" approach to animal behavior, care and training.

Warren has worked with more than 40,000 pets including those of many well known celebrities. David Letterman, Cheryl Tiegs, Lily Tomlin, Geraldine Ferraro, Al Pacino, Rodney Dangerfield, and Phylicia Rashaad are just a few of many whom Warren has helped with pet problems.

Warren Eckstein has been a Contributing Pet & Animal Editor for NBC's TODAY Show for nearly a decade. For the more than fourteen years, Warren was the regular pet and animal expert for the national television show "LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KATHIE LEE." He has also been seen weekly on "The Discovery Channel" and youngsters are familiar with Warren from his appearances as the "Creature Keeper" for the Disney Channel's "New Mickey Mouse Club."

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Warren hosts his own syndicated radio show, "The Pet Show With Warren Eckstein," which is heard on top-rated WOR Radio in New York and is syndicated in scores of markets nationwide, in addition to Canada. He also hosts a similar program on top-rated Smart Talk KRLA 870am Radio in Los Angeles. As a pet therapist, Warren dispenses pet behavior and psychology advice during his call-in shows. Consequently, he's been nicknamed "The Dr. Phil of Pets."

Nationally, Warren has made appearances on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Good Morning America, 20/20, Current Affair, Hard Copy, E!, Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, and others. Warren has been featured in People Magazine, Time, USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle - the publications are too numerous to list!

The Feline Freud, Warren Eckstein, talks about increasing your cat's vocabulary, learning the language of purrs and other ways to help cats live to their full potential.
Over the years, Warren has worked with virtually every type of animal. A "hands on" animal expert, Warren is equally comfortable backpacking with llamas, being in the water with dolphins, or working with puppies and kittens. Well known for his unique "Hugs and Kisses" approach with pets, Warren specializes in resolving behavior problems by teaching people and animals to communicate, so pet and owner may live happily ever after.

Warren created quite a stir in the pet world with his book Pet Aerobics. In fact, his book, which advocates exercise programs for healthier and better behaved pets, earned him a four-page spread in People Magazine.

His amazing life and career with animals led Random House to ask Warren to author his long-anticipated autobiography Memoirs of a Pet Therapist: A Tail All Book released in September, 1998.

Read excepts from Warren's "Memoirs of a Pet Therapist" by clicking on the title:

. I Coulda Been A Mailman!
. The Marc Wolinski Story
. Saturday Night Live
. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
. Warren meets the Sopranos!!

Warren's book How To Get Your Cat To Do What You Want, published by Random House, appeared on The Book of the Month Club's Best Seller List. Its success led to its reissue in paperback.

How To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want, published by Fawcett Columbine, continues to be a best-seller.

His books The Illustrated Cat's Life and The Illustrated Dog's Life, also published by Fawcett Columbine, have been published in 10 countries.

Warren has launched a pet product line with Warren Eckstein's Hugs & Kisses vitamin and mineral supplement / treat for dogs and cats.

Warren's total dog care video, "Our Owners Are Driving Us Crazy! has been helping dog owners coast to coast to improve their relationships with their four-footed best friends.

Warren founded the Hugs & Kisses Animal Fund, a not-for-profit organization, in memory of his wife Fay who died in 1990. Its mission is to fund hundreds of small animal organizations across the United States, and to be a resource where other help is unavailable. He is also a 10-year member of the Board of Directors for the Bide-A-Wee Home Association, the nation's oldest no-kill charitable humane organization.

Dear Warren,

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time, effort and energy that you gave to Benjamin and I this evening. Where others were harsh and judgmental, you were compassionate and open. I trusted that there was an answer to my problem, but I never believed - now I do.

Everything happens for a reason, though we don't know the reasons why things happen at the times they do - that's the part of life we should perhaps enjoy the most!

You are a gifted person, and I admire that so much. But the fact that you are so humble about your talent and ability is truly inspirational.

Thank you so much for listening, caring and giving us the gift of your time.

Hugs & Kisses,
Joan & Benjamin
- Joan & Benjamin

Dear Warren,

I wish to thank you for your well-written humorous book "How to Get your Dog to do What you Want." It was and is a big help in the training of our little 3-mo old Mexican Shorthair puppy. I believe one thing that helped me most was realizing through your examples how "almost human' pets are. I understand my dogs and cats much now better thanks to you! In addition, getting to speak with you on the show gave us even more tips on training Candy. We can't thank you enough.

Carol L, Glendora CA

- Carol L

Dear Warren,

The day I called to order hugs & kisses for my 2 year old Sharpei changed my life (or my dog's life). Her skin problems improved immediately but I also noticed improvement in her other ailments. She suffers from "Swollen Hocks Syndrome" which makes her hind legs swell up. I noticed if I missed her daily dose of Hug & kisses her hind legs would become swollen. She is now 6 years old and in good health considering most dogs with this syndrome have a life span of 3-5 years. I consider hugs & kisses a miracle and my dogs don't go a day without their daily dose, which they look forward to every morning. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for providing a product that has saved the life of my beloved pet. My dogs thank you too!

Hugs & Kisses,

Lynn T, Concord, CA

- Lynn T


I have been listening to your show for years and with your advice (through your radio show and books) we have a wonderful, Loving, "bestest puppy in the whole wide world!" Thanks again for giving us the tools to bring up such a wonderful dog.

-Andrea M

- Andrea M

Hi Warren,

Just wanted to share with you that I've been listening to your show on WOR since my teenage years, even though my only pet(s) so far have been fish! Growing up, my mom always had WOR on and I Just gravitated to your loving, nurturing style. Your show always made me happy!

I'm so excited to share that with my family and will be adopting an adult dog from a shelter or rescue group in the coming month or so. Now I have more reason to listen and read!!!

Thank you so much for your remarkable work.


- Connie
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