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No Flea Carpet Crystals
Item: #32749
Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $15.24
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No Flea Carpet Crystals

Flea killing powder. It is a dry crystal powder that works on the carpet and under the cushions of upholstered furniture to kill fleas.

- Apply to dry carpet only.

- Vacuum all carpeted areas prior to applying No Flea Carpet Crystals.

- By shaking container from side to side lightly sprinkle No Flea Carpet Crystals evenly over entire carpeted areas including under beds and furniture.

- Any powder visible after application must be brushed into carpet fibers or removed.

- Please wait at least 5 days and vacuum treated areas.

99% Boric Acid
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Customer Reviews 
  December 18, 2012
By: Peter (Ontario, CA)
I am really happy with this product!! It works great! Finally, something natural to kill fleas in my house!!!
  December 01, 2012
By: Nana (ERIE, PA)
My dog had 13 puppies in March and along with them came lots of fleas...this product, along with topicals/shampoo eradicated the nasty bugs! Great product that I will use again and again...
  June 15, 2012
By: Pamelar E. (Dubois, WY)
We have two dogs and for over a year tried everything to get rid of fleas. Then we ordered the carpet crystals and it took about 6 weeks to totally get rid of all the fleas and we have been flea free for over a year now. Today I found two fleas on one of my dogs and I am back to order more. I won't wait and try something else first.
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