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Slim-N-Fit Weight Control Chewable Tablets
Item: #34316
Price: $18.99
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Medium Size contains 60 Chewables (30 Day Supply)
Large Size contains 120 Chewables (60 Day Supply)

Dogs weigh in - NaturVet Slim-N-Fit joins the battle of the bulge in helping dogs maintain a healthy weight!

A recent survey indicates over 50 percent of America's pet population is overweight or obese. Obesity can contribute to poor health, disease and can significantly reduce normal lifespan because of the added stress it causes to a dog's organs, circulatory system and body structures. There are many possible reasons for an overweight pet: genetics, lack of exercise, overindulgent owners, and poor portion control. With the plethora of pound-packing potential affecting pets, it is important to understand losing weight is a multiple step process starting with NaturVet Slim-N-Fit. Formulated to help your dog maintain a healthy weight, Slim-N-Fit is the first line of defense against a dog's battle of the bulge.

Slim-N-Fit is formulated with the clinically proven non-stimulant carb blocker Phase 2 Pet,* a proprietary white bean extract. Research studies show it cuts starch absorption up to 75%, thus neutralizing carbohydrate and starch calories by blocking the body's ability to absorb them. By blocking carbohydrates as a source of energy, the body is forced to burn fat for energy. In a published veterinary conducted canine trial, fifteen dogs showed an average weight loss of almost 5% of their body weight over an 8-week period and an average abdominal girth reduction of 1.44 inches per dog. This weight loss was attributed to loss of fat and not loss of muscle. Even more dramatic results can be expected when combined with good nutrition and exercise.

Slim-N-Fit stands apart from other weight loss supplements with a proprietary blend of extracts which include Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea and Grape Seed. These extracts help combat the accumulation of fat, support weight control, and control body weight. Other added natural ingredients are probiotics, beneficial bacteria that aid in maintaining intestinal tract health, and prebiotics which help support digestion. Digestive enzymes are added to break down fats and proteins.

As a value added bonus, every box of Slim-N-Fit comes with the Slim-N-Fit Program packed with weight loss tools and tips: Personal Weight Charts, Pet Evaluations, Weight Recommendations, Benefits of Exercising, Creating a Healthy Lifestyle and much more.
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Customer Reviews 
  February 28, 2012
By: Sandra (Ontario, CA)
Warren I'm so glad you started carrying this product! My shepherd Courtney was starting to get a little thick in the middle once the kids went off to college. I bought this after our vet indicated the need to lose a few pounds. We started her on the Slim N Fit along with more frequent walks, and sure enough she slowly started to drop the excess from her middle. The vet was happy and we are thrilled! She has much more energy and is a more playful dog again. It's also great that the price in your store is several dollars less than what I was paying in my local pet store!
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