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Webinar: What to Expect When You Are Expecting
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Title: What to Expect When You Are Expecting
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Change means adjustment. Just by being with new and different people, a pet's personality can alter radically. And, by the same token, losing a beloved companion can do the same. By careful preparation, however, you can minimize the emotional upheaval and stress that are inherent in any family change - whether it means someone new moving in, such as an infant, a child, a grandparent, a tenant, or a new pet, or someone leaving the house, such as when a teenager goes off to college or there's a death in the family. The therapy involved calls for close attention to behavior patterns and immediate diagnosis and treatment of any new personality quirks.

If you follow this simple program, you should have a pleasant and stress-free transition from couple life to family life. Your goal, of course, is to have your pet love the baby and want to protect it as much as both of you. As long as you are aware of the pet's needs and provide for them in advance, you should have very little trouble when your infant comes.

Contrary to popularly held belief, children raised in a house with two or more dogs or cats during the first year of life may be less likely to develop allergic diseases as compared with children raised without pets, according to a study in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
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Customer Reviews 
  September 13, 2011
By: Laurie (Tucson, AZ)
Our miniature pinscher is very energetic and I was afraid I would have to make some house arrangements when our baby arrived. However, after going through this wonderful webinar, I learned that we can prepare our dog for this change. Iím no longer nervous about them two meeting. I canít wait to see my dog and baby side by side!
  September 01, 2011
By: Thomas (Holland, MI)
I truly enjoyed this webinar, and from my experience, I can only say that Warren really knows dogs. Itís amazing what my wife and I have accomplished. I could not thank Warren enough for his advice. Not only did he walk us through preparing our dog for our babyís arrival, but also how they can interact once he is a toddler.
  August 19, 2011
By: April (Grove City, PA)
Warren always goes over the best topics and provides information that is very difficult to find. I donít know where I would be without this program. It has been a very pleasant transition for our new family all thanks to Warren.
  August 08, 2011
By: Betty (Kalkaska, MI)
I wish I wouldíve purchased this much sooner. It wouldíve saved me some stressful times. I was very nervous about my Vizsla meeting my new born baby, but Warren provides very helpful tools to ease this process. Just a few days in, and I can already see how attached my Vizsla is to our baby.
  July 31, 2011
By: Kathleen (Ontario, CA)
Thanks Warren for creating this very helpful webinar. My dog Charlie has been our only baby for 5 years. I am 8 months pregnant now, and after watching and reading through these tips, I am confident that Charlie is well prepared to meet our new member of the family when he arrives. I canít wait to introduce them!
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