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Webinar: Pet Massage
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Massage is as wonderful and therapeutic for an animal as it is for a human. The experience of being touched, rubbed, and stroked is not just reassuring; it's also physically beneficial. Massage for pets is a relatively new development in pet health care, but it's a growing phenomenon, one that every pet owner should get involved in. After a long hard day playing ball, running, or swimming, every pet can profit from a gentle massage-it relaxes him, it soothes his muscles, and it makes him aware of the fact that his owner knows and appreciates just how hard he's been working.
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Customer Reviews 
  September 09, 2011
By: Sandra (ENOCH, UT)
This really works on my Chihuahua. My dog is very active and does dog agility at home, but when it’s time for his massage he sits very still on my lap. He has even fallen asleep standing up! Thanks Warren for the great tips. My dog really enjoys his massage.
  August 21, 2011
By: Donna (PALMDALE, CA)
Who knew pets also needed massaging! I wish I would’ve found this information sooner. This webinar not only provides detailed instructions on how to massage your dog, but the video really completes this webinar. I massage my dog at least once a week now and she just loves it.
  July 19, 2011
By: Charles (BELLEVILLE, IL)
My dog Linda is nearly 14 years old and has some arthritic pain. I heard Warren talk about massaging your dog on his show, so I knew I had to look into it some more and this webinar was exactly what I was looking for. My dog loves the massages I give her, especially around the ears and up her spine. I believe this helps her, as she goes into a relaxing trance every single time I massage her.
  July 06, 2011
By: Michael (MIAMI LAKES, FL)
Warren thanks for this webinar. I have been massaging my dog on his legs and toes and he loves it, but this webinar taught me how to do it properly and how to give a complete massage.
  June 30, 2011
My family is amazed when Sam sits at my feet and stays very still as he waits for his massage. He never sits still for anyone, but he absolutely loves it when I rub his chest muscles. Thank you for teaching me how easy it is to both bond and give something wonderful to my fury little friend.
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