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Webinar: How to Build the Perfect Cathouse
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Title: How to Build the Perfect Cathouse
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Set up some Kitty entertainment! People need to get out of the house and make a night of it at the local comedy club or take an exotic trip to Club Med. Well, Kitty can't go wind surfing, but owners can certainly make her life more interesting. The first step is easy yet it's the one most often overlooked. How many playthings does your cat have? Right now, look up from where you're sitting. Scan the room. Better yet, get on your hands and knees and crawl around so you can see it from Kitty's perspective. I bet that, at most, there are a few old toys around. Their novelty probably wore off months ago. Boring!

No cheating, now. Don't even think about telling me there's plenty of stuff around but it all happens to be under the chair or the sofa. The bottom line is that is they're not in the room now they don't count. If you can't see the playthings, then you're part of the problem. Be part of the solution instead.
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Customer Reviews 
  September 17, 2011
By: Tina (Los Angeles, CA)
Not only does this webinar provide great ideas for keeping your kitty entertained, but it also provides great information on why they should be kept inside. I really enjoyed the video and Warren’s explanations as to why cats behave a certain way. I did not expect any less from this webinar. Warren is a true pet expert.
  August 13, 2011
By: Anthony (SANDY, UT)
I love how Warren advises every cat owner to keep their cats inside. I’ve always kept my cat inside, but had trouble convincing my neighbor to keep her cat indoors. After this webinar, I converted my house into a fun cathouse, and I had great tips for my neighbor. The other day, I invited my neighbor over to see how my cat enjoys being inside, and she is now building her own cathouse!
  July 24, 2011
By: Christie (SURPRISE, AZ)
My cat is very thankful for this webinar. Warren’s video inspired me to build a kitty condo. Not only does my cat enjoy it, but it was really fun to build. I like to observe him when he plays, and I have already thought of ways to improve his kitty condo. Thanks Warren for all you do!
  July 03, 2011
By: Andrew (TUCSON, AZ)
I did not know how important it was to build the perfect cat house. Not until I followed Warren’s advice. Now, I notice how wonderful my cat behaves indoor. I keep adding new toys and changing things around to keep her entertained.
  June 18, 2011
By: James (ALEXIS, IL)
Ever since I called the show and told Warren my cat was an outdoor cat, I have been slowly transitioning her into an indoor cat, and can say I feel much better knowing she is safe. However, she seems to get into more trouble inside the house now. I know she is probably bored at times, and so I am creating a fun environment to keep her out of trouble and most importantly entertained inside the house. Thank you Warren for all the great ideas!
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