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Webinar: 1st Pet Psychology
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Title: 1st Pet Psychology
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One of Warren's most frequently asked questions is what to do about fighting between pets who live in the same household. Problems range from mild-mannered mongrels who turn into furious fireballs of nastiness when another dog enters the picture to dogs who tolerate each other but periodically have serious know-down-drag-out fights. There are also the James Dean-type doggies who seem to be okay on the surface, but on a deeper level you can tell there's something brewing. It's just a matter of time before there's a blowup.
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Customer Reviews 
  September 14, 2011
My dog Storm is very playful so I adopted a furry friend to play with. She definitely prefers having company over being alone in the backyard. However, there are times she gets very territorial and possessive. I had not seen her behave this way before, so I was not sure how to address this until I came across this webinar. I wish I had found this sooner and had introduced them the proper way as Warren suggests. However, I was able to get back on track with Warren’s help. Now, Storm is acting less and less territorial and more playful with Max each day.
  August 24, 2011
By: Nancy (Ontario, CA)
Introducing a second dog was a lot of work and at times, it was even stressful for the whole family, but the information provided in this webinar really helped make this transition much smoother. Warren helped me understand what my dogs are going through, and I even taught the family how to help our dogs adjust to the change. I can only say that this has been a very rewarding experience for our family and our dogs thanks to Warren.
  August 12, 2011
Bringing a second dog to our home required a lot of thought and research. This was a complete change in our normal family routine, but it was all possible with Warren’s help. I recommend this webinar to anyone having doubts about adopting a second dog.
  July 02, 2011
By: Nestor (Pico Rivera, CA)
When Roxy joined our family she was very shy and our older dog Ruby was very acting very pushy. As a result, I was giving Roxy more attention. I knew Warren had to have tips on this. That’s when I found this great webinar! I now understand how to help them adjust to each other, and things keep getting better everyday.
  June 22, 2011
My friend was going to give her dog up for adoption. I had thought about bringing a second pet into my home, but was not sure how my dog would react after being our only pet for 5 years. However, after searching for tips I found this webinar and I now trust that they will get a long just great. I can’t wait to bring our new dog home. Thank you Warren for the step by step guidance!
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