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This is so sad to report, but Westside German Shepherd Rescue is losing its home and over the weekend and will be forced to move its 60 shepherds from puppies to seniors into a boarding facility. It's a bizarre set of circumstances you can read about at sheprescue.org, but they can take in no more dogs & save no more lives until the rescue gets back on its feet. Westside is the last chance for these dogs, as it has been for german shepherds since 2002. Please donate anything you can by calling 310-202-7283 or visit ShepRescue.org.
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The plight of the Dalmatian The plight of the Dalmatian is something I'd like us all to change this year. The explosion of unwanted Dalmatians in the shelters of Southern California has totally overwhelmed rescue efforts. In 2004 alone, over 1,000 healthy, mostly young Dals were euthanized -- not for behavioral or health problems -- simply because they couldn't find homes for these bright & loving dogs. To find out the many ways you can help, call (310) 472-5703 and visit www.SaveTheDals.org

Los Angeles Animal Services Los Angeles Animal Services greatly needs people 16 and older to be a part of their volunteer program for mobile adoptions and to help in the shelters. They especially need volunteers in the shelters during the week between the hours of 9-5. Visit laanimalservices.com for the next orientation, or call 213-485-8543, extension 2.And more good news from Los Angeles Animal Services -- they have extended their normal business hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so they will now be open between the hours of 8am and 7pm. The extended hours on these two days are to accommodate the caring citizens of Los Angeles who cannot make it during normal business hours.

Lily Sanctuary The Lily Sanctuary is a California non-profit Parrot Rescue whose sole purpose is to provide quality TLC for homeless and 'special needs' parrots. Parrots are not only beautiful and fun, they are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures. Many prospective owners don't realize that parrots are high-maintenance animals, or that their life expectancy can average 50-80 years. More and more people are forced to give up their companion birds, causing a beloved avian companion to face a bleak & terrifying future. The Lily Foundation greatly needs volunteers to help care for these feathered friends. Can you help? Call (714)442-9474 and log onto: www.LilySanctuary.org

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P.A.W.S./L.A. P.A.W.S./L.A. www.pawsla.org 323-464-7297

Pet Orphans of Southern California Pet Orphans of Southern California www.petorphans.org 818-901-0190

The Pet Fund The Pet Fund www.thepetfund.com 916-443-6007

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