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  March 29, 2014
By: justine s. (MAPLEWOOD, NJ)
Hugs and kisses are great! Now If I could only order more because the server doesn't recognize my password!
  March 28, 2014
  January 08, 2014
By: Marie O. (Woodland Hills, CA)
First Ordered on 10-15-13. Our 6 year old rescue dog, Rosita's health has improved so much that she's now off all 5 medications since being on Hugs & Kisses. Her vet is so happy to see that our baby's perky personality has returned. Thank you!
  November 29, 2013
By: Merilyn B. (Saratoga, CA)
My husband & I have been giving Hugs & Kisses vitamins to our two cats for about eight years now and the vitamins are keeping them healthy, their coats are shiny and the hairballs that are thrown up are few & far between.
  November 19, 2013
By: James H. (LOS ANGELES, CA)
To be honest, I don't know if it's JUST the Hugs & Kisses that did the trick or all the stuff I did in changing my dogs' diet but the itching and scratching is gone. My one dog's coat had bare patches from where he had licked himself but that has all grown back. Like I said, I changed their diet and I added Hugs & Kisses and it worked. I think this product had a lot to do with it. THANKS! Dr. Warren!
  September 25, 2013
Hugs and Kisses is very popular treat for my dog Beau and its good for him which I love. He is an older dog and a rescue he has a limited amount of teeth so the softness of the hugs and Kisses is great
  August 03, 2013
By: Ross H. (LA GRANGE, CA)
All i can give is a two> This may be a good product, but I have four cats and they will not touch these no matter how i try to mask them, mix them, sneak them, you name it. What can i be doing wrong.
  July 20, 2013
By: Ray P. (Wailuku, HI)
I have a female Silky Terrier who is 7 years old and has had three litters of puppies which all turned out extremely cute. Her problem after giving birth was a very dry coat. I tried some supplements from my vet called Allerderm Efa-Caps which did help some but not enough. After giving her the Hugs & Kisses her coat was visibly shinier than it has ever been and she actually now has a healthier coat than when she was a puppy. The improvement was obvious within two weeks and I have told as many friends as possible what a remarkable product this is and all agree that visibly they do see the difference. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants their dogs to be healthier.
  May 14, 2013
By: David K. (null, null)
Our dogs love Hugs & Kisses. They get them everyday with each meal. Great product and will purchase again.
  April 17, 2013
By: Cleide A. (null, null)
Good product for what is baby doesn't have to worry about licking his paws all the time and his fur is always shining.
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