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  December 16, 2012
By: Bones (San Jose, CA)
This product has been a life saver. Our cat had severe anxiety resulting in pulling his hair out in large clumps. The vet had us try prescription meds which we didn't really like doing. They didn't work anyway. Happened to see this product. Just a little in his water and it's amazing. Seems like he is drinking more water these days, which is a good thing. He hasn't pulled out any hair since then. It is an all natural product and we haven't had any issues with it. He is totally himself but without the anxiety. He seems so much happier. By the way, he is an indoor/outdoor cat and we are not worried about him. Still talks up a storm and plays and all the things he has done before.
  December 02, 2012
By: babibear (Homestead, Florida)
I have cats and dogs and had to travel 1000 miles with all of them. I put the recommended amount in the communal water bowl before the trip and had a refill jug with more in it to give through out the trip. It was so effective without making the pets too groggy. They were still able to function and interact without the nervousness and minimal verbalization while in their kennels. I also use this for my dogs when we are going to be gone for long periods to help them stay calm throughout the day. Works wonderful and I will be a faithful user of this product. There are no long lasting effects. I simply change out the water bowl when I no longer need to use it.
  September 30, 2012
By: David O. (Tucson, AZ)
Thank you for this product--it allowed me to keep my 1 yr. old very active and aggressive Kitten who now gets along with my 2 other adult cats. The difference in behavior is extraordinary in less than 24 hrs.!!! This product has saved me from the heartbreak of giving him up. Try this--it's worth every cent!!!
  August 25, 2012
By: Melany (Hatboro, CA)
Calm Down Works! I have used this product for years. I just inject it into my cats' mouths with a syringe. Although the injection can be difficult, it really calms my cats down effectively. I use it when I shave my Maine Coon for the summer. She just lays on the table and lets me trim her with out any stress. It also works well for the rare baths that are a nightmare without Calm Down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with cats.
  July 27, 2012
By: Patsy and Banjo (Taos, NM)
I've found Calm down to be helpful in stressful situations. Thanks a bunch for all you do for us and the animals.
  July 06, 2012
By: Frank (Manchester, PA)
Works extremely well.This product has been a real life saver for our cat...she is grieving from the loss of our male cat...since putting a teaspoon a day in her drinking water, the constant meowing, pacing, over eating and sleeplessness has completely stopped...she is back to her normal self and isn't suffering from the "zombie look" that the sedative our vet gave us was causing...we haven't noticed any side effects and we are only using this as a short term help aid to get her through the up coming stress of bringing home another friend for her...Id definitely recommend trying Calm Down...its worked wonders for this little girl...
  May 20, 2012
By: Eliz (Capital Region, NY)
My boyfriend just started working an earlier shift. We've had our cat for about 2 months and as soon as my boyfriend started his earlier shift, our cat would cry from as soon as my boyfriend left, until I finally got out of bed to play with him, and I work 2nd shift and for my sanity can not get up at 6am and still be functioning at work at 9. I was at wits end from listening to his crying and yowling, even when he had food, water, a clean litter box, and my attention. We've been using this product for just over a week and its great. We tried putting it in his food at night, but he would still cry in the am, and then we tried his waterbowl, but it still wasn't working. We then read online that you can just put it right in their mouth and that was the most effective way. Each morning before my boyfriend leaves he gives our cat a tsp and i can then sleep an extra couple of hours :) It works so well and our cat is happy too.
  April 18, 2012
By: Elena F (Pound Ridge, NY)
Following Mr. Eckstein's advice, I have been giving my dog Calm Down. It has proven to be a miracle in keeping her calm and non-destructive while I am out of the house. It has saved my life and my home!
  June 04, 2011
By: Mark P. (Fulton, NY)
I have five dogs and I didn't know what to do with their high spirited behavior. Then, last July, I happened to be searching through the Pet Show website and noticed the product and was willing to give it a try. After my dogs took it, they seemed to simmer down and now can be in one room without a fight ensuing. I want to thank Warren for the availability of this product.
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