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  December 28, 2012
By: Kevin (Ladson, SC)
I have used AKA Gold Professional Strength Stain and Odor Remover several times on some of the worst odors you can imagine. Recently, I had a skunk spray my garage! I used this product on the floor and walls as directed and the odor vanished within hours. I highly recommend this product.
  November 14, 2012
By: Alex W. (Dubois, WY)
We have cats... and they don't always get along or like to share. Therefore, when they were going through an adjustment period a few months ago, we noticed that anytime we brought something new into the house: curtains, a living room chair, etc, one of them would "mark it" as his/hers. We were using Zero Odor, which does take away the smell, but sometimes the cat would return to spray the item again. On a recommendation from the pet show, I decided to try this product. Not only does it eliminate the odor, but it removed a small stain on a white curtain. Best of all, the cat rarely returns to spray the item again. Although Zero Odor is available in stores, and thus easier to purchase, I prefer AKC Gold because it eliminates odor, removes stains, and discourages the cat from returning. It smells like rubbing alcohol when it is wet, but that scent dissipates when the product is dry.
  July 11, 2012
By: Michael K. (SADDLE RIVER, NJ)
As a "bonus" for calling live into Warren's Saturday radio talk show, Warren was kind enough to send me this product--American Kennel Club Gold Professional Strength Stain & Odor Remover in the 20 oz. size. I told Warren that I dreamed about getting a Maltipoo puppy as my mother died in my arms last August 2011. That was many months ago. I had to sell my boyhood home of 50 years and fix up my new condo before getting a dog. I wound up with a Yorkie just days ago. Well, the smell of poop can get pretty bad! These orange scent cleaners and other odor eliminators didn't work.I remembered I had this product that Warren sent me. It has taken care of the terrible odor problem. Please listen to Warrn!----try this product & you won't be sorry. I regret NOT having the item in spray form so I'm ordering more of the liquid I have & two (2) of the items with the sprayer. Thanks for all of the years with your appearances on radio & TV Warren and (as you say--professionally speakiang) Hugs & Kisses............Warren & his dear wife who helped him product his fine book! --Michael B. Korson, M.A.
  December 14, 2011
By: Eric C. (CORDOVA, TN)
This is the best odor removal product we have found. It removed urine odor from our baseboards and has a pleasant smell. The sprayer pickup tube extends all the way to the bottom, so it sprays when liquid is low, and you can tilt forward and still spray. Effective on removing vomit from carpet. Price is very reasonable--an excellent value !
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