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Dear Warren,

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time, effort and energy that you gave to Benjamin and I this evening. Where others were harsh and judgmental, you were compassionate and open. I trusted that there was an answer to my problem, but I never believed - now I do.

Everything happens for a reason, though we don't know the reasons why things happen at the times they do - that's the part of life we should perhaps enjoy the most!

You are a...  Read More

Dear Warren,

I wish to thank you for your well-written humorous book "How to Get your Dog to do What you Want." It was and is a big help in the training of our little 3-mo old Mexican Shorthair puppy. I believe one thing that helped me most was realizing through your examples how "almost human' pets are. I understand my dogs and cats much now better thanks to you! In addition, getting to speak with you on the show gave us even more tips on training Candy. We can't thank you enough.

Carol L, Glendora CA

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Dear Warren,

The day I called to order hugs & kisses for my 2 year old Sharpei changed my life (or my dog's life). Her skin problems improved immediately but I also noticed improvement in her other ailments. She suffers from "Swollen Hocks Syndrome" which makes her hind legs swell up. I noticed if I missed her daily dose of Hug & kisses her hind legs would become swollen. She is now 6 years old and in good health considering most dogs with this syndrome have a life span of 3-5 years. I consider hugs & kisses a miracle and my dogs don't go a day without their daily dose,...  Read More



I have been listening to your show for years and with your advice (through your radio show and books) we have a wonderful, Loving, "bestest puppy in the whole wide world!" Thanks again for giving us the tools to bring up such a wonderful dog.

-Andrea M

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Hi Warren,

Just wanted to share with you that I've been listening to your show on WOR since my teenage years, even though my only pet(s) so far have been fish! Growing up, my mom always had WOR on and I Just gravitated to your loving, nurturing style. Your show always made me happy!

I'm so excited to share that with my family and will be adopting an adult dog from a shelter or rescue group in the coming month or so. Now I have more reason to listen and read!!!

Thank you so much for your remarkable work.


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Hey Warren,
Back around the mid 1970's you came to my house at Hewlett Ave. in Merrick, Long Island and taught me how to train my Irish Setter FLAME. I wonder if you could possibly remember that??? I've continued to use your methods with all of my pets, my wife, my son, my two daughters, only kidding..., and I always receive compliments on how well behaved my dog SHEBA is.(Border Collie Mix) I tell everyone that some long haired hippie named Warren Eckstein is responsible for all of her good training. When I tell them what you were like back then, nobody believes me. Hey, Now Don't expect...  Read More

Hi Warren,

I have been a listener for years but first time caller today. Thanks for the advice about Bitter Yuck for my little girl Candy. She is quite unhappy with cone collar that was put on to prevent her from chewing out her stitches. I located it but a few minutes away and am off to get it right now.

If it works both Candy I will be very happy. In any event God bless you, Warren, for your wonderful work in behalf of our furry loved ones.

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Hi Warren!

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful show - I even enjoy the commercials that run during the week on KRLA. I've learned so much from listening to you, and the critters are lucky to have someone like you in their corner.

Here's a pic of my little one, Red. I rescued him 4 years ago, and he is the light of my life.

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Dear Warren,

It was great to see you again at the Cat Fanciers Association Cat Show in Madison Square Garden.

As promised, I'm sending you a photo of George from 1976. Since you trained him when he was puppy it had to be that year (my mug is in the photo too).

We live in Rockaway, if that is a memory jogger. You were very young but you did a great job even then! George did very well and he lived to be an old man of 16½.

My new kitty, Murphy, is doing fine too and has adju...  Read More


Thanks so much for your advice concerning my dog, Dakota's problem of going outside when I am on my way to work. I took your advide and she now stays in, except for relieving herself and going walkies.

I listen to you as often as possible. Thanks for your loving approach to pet ownership. Spoiling my pets is a joy.
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