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How would you feel if one day someone suddenly appeared in your home and didn't leave? The stranger slept there (in either your own bed or a nice new one) and started eating your food (or a different kind of food that smelled and tasted even better than your own).
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So you want to add a little bundle of love to your household? A cuddly little kitten or a roly-poly puppy?
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Time waits for no one, but dogs certainly do!
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NorCal Foundation Rescues, Saves Puppy's Life
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Drew Barrymore has adopted an eight-week-old rescue puppy from Bark n' Bitches, a humane pet shop in Hollywood.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton have fallen in love all over again -- with an adorable cocker spaniel puppy, a boy, about a month old.
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Shortly after Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris ended their engagement in June, the Playboy mogul said Harris let him keep Charlie, their shared Cavalier King Charles spaniel.
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Is your dog or cat frightened by thunderstorms? Have a new kitten or puppy? If your pet suffers from noise phobia, you probably cringe every time thunderstorms are forecast. Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July, you probably dread this firecracker-filled holiday.
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Sally and John obtained their Doberman pup, Jessie, from a breeder at the age of six months. The dog was the smallest of the litter and had previously been purchased by another couple who decided to bring her back to the breeder. Sally and John had owned another Doberman previously, but their first dog had run out into traffic and been killed at the age of five months. The couple wanted this new pet to be a good guard dog of course, but they also wanted her to be affectionate and playful.
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