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Does this scenario sound familiar? You leave your home and return several hours later
to find it destroyed by your pet. Furniture is knocked over, contents of closets are pulled out onto the floor, wood-work and linoleum are chewed, doors bear scratch marks, garbage cans are knocked over - their contents strewn throughout the house.
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Niobe and Cha-Cha raced to the couch toward hospice volunteer Jim Hays during a visit to the Four Corners home of patient Joseph Luciano.
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We can all name at least a handful of fictional characters who can communicate with animals: Tarzan, Aquaman, the Horse Whisperer (a character appearing in a Nichols Evans novel and Robert Redford film), Dr. Doolittle and others.
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Alaska Airlines today announced an exclusive partnership with Banfield® Pet Hospital, the nation's largest general veterinary practice, to help travelers prepare their pets for takeoff.
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An animal's diet can contribute to the behavior he displays. General health, mood, and ability to learn can all be affected by improper diet.
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Those of us who own pets know they make us happy. But a growing body of scientific research is showing that our pets can also make us healthy, or healthier.
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When statistics site that a growing number of households in America are inhabited by single people without children or by childless couples, it's easy to understand why the commercial world caters to pet owners. Pets are the new kids!
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Pets, like humans, can get sick. These illnesses range from minor to severe. One of the most dangerous, but easily manageable conditions, is diabetes.
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Pet owners often think of their pets as extended family members. Pets are purchased or gained in a large variety of methods.
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American memories of Socks the Cat, the famous Clinton kitty, were strong enough to make the black and white feline the nation's favorite first pet, beating Bo Obama by a few whiskers in our latest Whispers poll.
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